La Joya is located on the Oaxacan coast in the small village of El Puertocito. A single farmer once owned most of the village—most villagers today are descendants of his family. El Puertocito is a traditional Mexican pueblo with a small school, a municipal building, a tiny clinic, and one restaurant that’s open on Sundays. Most villagers make their living tending the land or by tending goats and cows, and food is often cooked over an open fire or in a hand-molded clay stove.

We’re fortunate to have been accepted into this close-knit community, and do what we can to give back. We employ as many locals as possible, and are committed to projects that help upgrade infrastructure, create cooperatives, and improve local education.

There are several nearby tourist attractions, all within a 45-minute drive.

Mazunte: a hippie beach town with a turtle museum

Ventanilla: boat tours through crocodile groves

Escobilla: military beach that boasts the largest turtle-nesting site in the world

Laguna de Manialtepec, which becomes phosphorescent several times a year

La Reforma Cascada

Atotonilco Hot Springs

We are located 25 kilometers from surfers' paradise Puerto Escondido, a relaxed but bustling beach town where there’s no shortage of restaurants, cosmopolitan amenities, and organized travel activities.