We share this land with iguanas, geckos, goats, turtles, cats, dolphins, cranes, whales, crabs, finches, hummingbirds, and a very friendly dog, among many others. We are located in migratory path for several species of colorful birds, and in a special conservation corridor for turtles. La Joya itself has become a small refuge for area iguanas; we have three or four pairs roaming the grounds at any given time. You can visit the Centro Mexicana de la Tortuga, Mexico’s premiere turtle research center and museum, just a half hour drive from La Joya. If you keep a keen eye trained on the sea, you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of a pod of whales or dolphins.  

We consider the presence of these animals a gift, and we expect that our guests treat them accordingly. You are more than welcome to join us in our conservation efforts.

Please email info@lajoyaoaxaca.com for more information.